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Friday, Feb. 15th       


Great time to take home your PE Gear to bring back a fresh set on Tuesday.                


Eli Schuerman  (no teacher card)

Owen D. (Kelly Baehr)

Corbin Rhodes ( James Myers)

Come get your books before lunch please

Circle of Friends meets today.  Check into your LITT teacher and come on down to room 302.

ATTENTION ALL GIRLS!  BFF is returning to NMS starting Wednesday, February 27 during LITT period.  IF you have NOT attended a BFF session in the past two years, you are invited and encouraged to do so.  If you did not respond to Mrs. Leininger’s email earlier this month telling her you are interested, that’s OK...you can still come on the 27th..This invite is to all girls, including 8th graders!!  

6th and 7th GRADE GIRLS - Please check your email message from Mrs. Leininger about another BFF (Be a Friend First)  class. If you have not attended the previous classes, email Mrs. Leininger to let her know you would like to be in a class this semester.  If we have enough interest, the class will be offered. Don’t wait, let Mrs. Leininger know this week that you want to join the class!

HAL Menu for next week: HAL meeting Tuesday during LITT for ALL HAL students. W-Fri Crochet and Game making


Norris Middle School will participate in the Sock Drive again this February. This will be our 3rd Year participating in the event and we hope to raise the same amount (almost 2,000 pairs) if not more socks, again this year!

We will set the same goals for each grade level at 600, with a school goal of 1,800

2018 Totals

  1. 6th-Grade Rocked it by bringing in 803 pairs of socks.

  2. 7th-Grade brought in 688 pairs

  3. 8th-Grade brought in 448.

We exceeded the school goal of 1,800 pairs of socks but fell just short of 2,000 pairs.

If you have been bullied, or witness another student being bullied, report this immediately to Mrs. Leininger, Mr. Rice, Mr. Bade or one of your teachers. #BeKind.

Show Choir Auditions for next year are March 6th.  You do not have to be in choir this year to audition for next year.  It is always fun to discover new talent! See Mr. Hansmeyer ASAP if you are interested, but not currently in choir.

Tennis team apparel, see link below.  Orders will close on Feb 22 and will be delivered around March 13.https://stores.inksoft.com/Norris/Tennis-Products/1000138

The Norris Girls's Soccer Online Store is now OPEN. Be sure to grab some gear. We have quite a few options, so be sure to check it out.  Norris Girls Soccer Store

Activity Passes are available to purchase: $30 (if not playing a sport at Norris)


Grab n’ Go:  UBR Breakfast Round

Classic Cafe:  Creamy Chicken Enchilada Bake, Corn

Diner:  Hamburger on a Bun, Spicy Chicken Patty on Bun

Grab and Go:  Crispy Chicken Salad, Honey Mustard Ham Wrap

Creation Station:  Taco Bar





Friday, February 15, 2019